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    Our Mission and Vision

    At New Ventures Counseling and Consulting, LLC. (NVCC) our mission is to empower/help individuals and families overcome social, emotional, behavioral, and life challenges by providing holistic, and culturally sensitive mental health and wellness services.

    NVCC seeks to promote individuals’ growth by enhancing strengths and interpersonal competencies. We integrate multiculturalism into the everyday functioning and structure of our practice. Through the broad range of therapeutic services that we offer, our clients may come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential.

    NVCC assumes a commitment to sustainability, as a mental health counseling organization, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices.


    Our vision at NVCC is to become a strong and reliable source of high-quality mental health services to enhance wellness and promote skills to successfully meet life demands.


    Respect: NVCC affirms the dignity and self-worth of those we serve.

    Compassion: NVCC understands and takes seriously afflictions in a caring and non-judgmental manner.

    Acceptance: NVCC welcomes and embraces individuals as they are and where they are regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, and nationality.

    Creativity: NVCC looks for ways, recognizes ideas and suggestions that could be useful in solving presenting and /or potential difficulties.

    Commitment: NVCC Promotes clients’ well-being as paramount of clinical interventions.

    Empathetic: NVCC recognizes and conveys an understanding of the client’s inner experiences

    Professionalism: NVCC strives to maintain high standards of conduct according to federal, state laws and values, principles stated through the code of ethics of the board of professional counselors and social work.

    Integrity: NVCC acts honesty and responsibly by promoting and executing interventions in accordance with the stated mission, vision, values, and philosophy.

    Cultural sensitivity: NVCC recognizes, celebrates, and empowers differences and fosters their contributions to society as a whole.

    Advocacy: NVCC promotes and directs interventions that facilitate the access to services and resources needed in the provision of services.

    Client-centered: NVCC places attention on the individual, their strengths and abilities, and not on their conditions and disabilities.

    We're Here For You.

    “We are committed to providing you with the highest possible service, delivered with integrity, respect, and professionalism.”

    New Ventures Counseling and Consulting, LLC (NVCC) is a licensed counseling private practice that specializes in the delivery of holistic and comprehensive mental health services. Our goals are to enhance the necessary skills to help individuals successfully respond to life challenges. The scope of services includes mental health psychosocial assessments, individualized treatment plans, individual and group therapy sessions. Within the preventive realm, NVCC offers anger management, domestic violence, responsible parenting, and healthy relationships workshops. NVCC staff is made of a cadre of experienced, compassionate, and committed professionals intrinsically motivated to make difference in the lives of those we serve. NVCC is founded by Jose Carlos Vera, MAS, LICSW, LCSW-C, CACII, Soni Fitzhugh, MA., MS, LCPC, and Luzelenya Ramos, JD.

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